What is a client portal?

A Client (or Customer) portal is a cloud-based  gateway to a collection of digital files, services, and information, accessible over the Internet on a desktop and/or mobile device.

Portals are most prevalently used to exchange private messages, manage clients (with an integrated CRM solution), share and download big files and create custom customer journeys to increase retention and reduce churn rates.


How secure are your client portals?

We follow all the best practices to make sure your files are safe all the time.

Our team backs up the entire platform multiple times per day, we have a strong process in place to take care of all hiccups (big and small) and the average response time for our tickets is less than 10 hours.

Not only is our client portal is safe to use, but it’s also HIPAA compliant

This means you can use the tool even if you are a doctor and need to share private information with your patients, or if you’re an accountant and need to update your terms, or send your clients their self-assessment for the year.